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Written by Jeff Yeager   
Thursday, 04 May 2006
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1973 – Taking One For The Activity
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Perhaps more that any other year 1973 defined who we were as a corps.  It reaffirmed what would ultimately (IMO) become our legacy. 

Expectations going into the ’73 season were extremely high.  With a large number of returning veterans, there was reason for optimism.  Over the last several years we had demonstrate an ability to perform at the highest levels of our activity. 

Drum rehearsals for ’73 began as early as November, 1972.  Starting a month later, the color guard returned,..almost entirely intact.  Having won national horn titles in the previous three seasons, the vast majority of the horn line would be back.  And, …there was an extremely talented group of young kids waiting in the Great Bend area to join our corps. 

It was a given that our ’73 field show (for the most part) would be rewritten.  We had played Barnum and Bailey’s Favorites and the Jesus Christ Super Star medley for several years.  Still being required to play a color presentation, the Stars and Stripes Forever would be retained. 

Per a December, 1972 newsletter, Doug Dennison (JC Super Star, Love Story) had been retained to pen musical arrangements for the upcoming season.  As it turned out, the selection of the musical scores for ‘73 would be the result of a late 1972 appearance of Stan Kenton’s Band in the Great Bend area.

Frank Minear, Kenton’s lead trumpet player, had made overtures regarding musical arrangements for the upcoming season. He specifically wanted us (as opposed to the Hawthorne Caballeros) to play Malaga.  I believe the discussion ended with Frank being told that we would read anything that he could send.

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