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Written by Kelley Underwood   
Monday, 11 September 2006
When I began taking outpatient physical therapy at Orthopaedic Physical Therapy and Associates in early May 2006, I had many long term goals but one short term concern was more important than any other. While with Phil Camdan on my beginning evaluation, I explained that my daughter was being married on August 5th. I had already accepted the reality that I would not be able to walk down the aisle with her but more than anything else, I wanted to stand on my own to give her away.

On that very first day Phil had me stand. However, I soon realized that I was doing very little of the work on my own. As I settled into regular sessions, three or four per week, my regular therapist, Jeff Schafer, worked to strengthen me all over but a regular part of my sessions included standing exercises.

In late May or early June I contracted a urinary infection that weakened me for over three weeks. At the end of June I suffered a bad bout with pulmonary embullisms that hospitalized me and took me out of therapy for over a week. In mid-July we traveled to Kansas for a reunion with old friends and colleagues but on my way home, my blood went too thick and I was delayed several days in getting home.

WhenI finally returned to therapy it had been several weeks since I had a session and only a couple of weeks left before the wedding. I am a man of faith and believe that God, in his time, will heal me with a combination of His touch and hard work. But, I came back to therapy having completely given up on my goal of standing on August 5th. Fortunately, Jeff, Eric and Phil, my therapists, had not.

When we got back to work, due only to God's power, we discovered that I had not weakended and actually seemed stronger in some ways. We worked and worked, for two weeks, ignoring other elements of my therapy and concetrated on standing. In the video below you can see the results of God's help and some real good therapists. Just before this scene, my daughter surprised me with a video about me. It was emotional and made it even harder to stand but thankfully, I got through it.

Note: this video is produced by FlipBox Productions. I highly recommend this fantastic company for all your special event video needs.


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